Individual therapy:  $200.
(50 minute session)
Couples therapy: $250.
(1 hour session)
If my standard fee would create a hardship for you, please contact me to discuss your situation.  
Relationship Therapist in LA

How I Can Help

Therapy can provide you with beneficial insight and help give you the tools to communicate effectively, build your confidence and empower you in your relationships and in life. My style is direct, genuine, personable. Our rapport should feel natural and interactive.

Individuals: I provide a nonjudgmental space for you to make decisions to improve your relationship or your personal situation, whether you are single, in a committed relationship, or somewhere in between. Individual therapy can include working on your relationship, deciding whether or not to end it, coping with a breakup, reducing anxiety, improving social interactions, gaining clarity and self-awareness, managing the challenges and frustrations of dating, and more.

Couples: I shed light on relational dynamics and provide you with alternate perspectives to assist you with changing or reversing your cycle of interaction in areas where you feel stuck, so that you can build a happier and more harmonious relationship together. I help couples break down the barriers that prevent them from closeness and mutual understanding. While some couples are aiming to improve their relationship, others are looking for guidance as they evaluate whether to stay together or separate, or co-parent constructively. I can help with any and all of these.  

Dating & Relationship Coaching: There is also the option to work on an as-needed basis to briefly assist you with dating challenges or relationship problems (see the Relationship Coaching page for details).

Languages Spoken: English, French

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 100639

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